Software Updates

Software Updates

March 2022

Improved Job Stats

We've added job status for more reporting features.

Multi-Account Users

SOP now allows administrators to access multiple business accounts to manage subsidiaries. QC personnel can be invited to multiple inspection firm teams to access jobs.

Account Profile

Administrators can now manage their business account details from their profile.

Improved Shift Settings and Target Set Up

Users can now manage shift settings, set targets, and deliver location from one easy location.

Copy Shift and Truck Schedule

When copying a shift for scheduling, managers can also copy the truck schedule.

Faster Dashboard

We made a lot of improvements to speed up the dashboard job lists, with even more on the way.

January 2022

Improved Job Shift Stats

We've rebuilt our daily shift stats for more advanced information and reporting features.

New Truck Sign Out

Manage your sign out time settings for more accurate truck times, and easier foreman sign out.

New Photo Notes

Add photo notes faster on mobile devices without adding text.

Dashboard Job Lists

SOP improved the dashboard details, formatting, and locations.

November 2021

Improved User Management

Manage users easier with a redesigned list, contact details, last login date, and sorting and searching. Locked user accounts can be found using the link at the top of the page.

Improved Truck and Carrier Management

Manage trucks and carriers easier with a redesigned list with sorting and searching. Trucks can now be archived to exclude from truck search fields on reporting and material haul loading pages.

Updated QC Report

The QC report now includes public load notes and pictures for more complete documentation of quality control results.

Improved Linked Account Managament

Improved account view for linked accounts with more details, and add/remove multiple jobs from one location.

Truck Time Card Report

Our new truck time card report allows users to search by carrier and truck and group by date, truck, and shift.

Material Haul Unloading at the Plant

Plant users can now unload material haul loads being delivered to the plant.

Add/Edit Job Details

The add/edit job view is now easier to use, including a prompt if a business unit isn’t selected.

New Job Shift Navigation

SOP improved the menu buttons at the bottom of the job shift to improve shift management and access to options and tools.

Add Backhaul

Users can now create a backhaul from an existing production job to quickly track material back to the plant.

Driver Improvements

SOP made some improvements to the driver portal, including showing the job site arrival time, adding an ‘Arrived’ option on return trips to the plant, and clearer truck linking and messaging.

Dashboard Updates

SOP’s dashboard and job lists were updated to include the job foreman’s name, a quick link to set deliver location, clearer material haul labeling, and more.

Easier Deliver Location Setup

Quick access to set the deliver location from the dashboard and summary views.

August 2021

Improved Shift Notes and Pictures

Easier shift note access, more note types, and the option to add pictures to help contractors coordinate and track issues.

Dashboard Job List Improvements

Some design clean up, including grouping shifts by date for easier access.

Plant Time Zones

SOP now uses the source or destination plant to display ETAs and ticket times in the correct time zone. Users can also turn on the time zone display for each plant.

Time Report Clean Up

Easier access to time cards, adjustments, and approval for foremen in the field.

Load Note Privacy

Contractors can add private loads notes that won't appear on printed tickets or be seen by connected accounts.

Trucking Calculator

SOP automatically uses your target tons, shift hours, and travel time to recommend the number of trucks to schedule.


SOP's new driver interface makes it easier for drivers to access their tickets and view ETAs and performance. Drivers can also add note, set their arrived time and location, and self-unload with photo documentation (material hauls only).


Improved truck and carrier mapping from the load out system, hidden inactive users, unload details on the all loads list, and more!

June 2021

Mobile Application

SOP released its Android mobile application with automatic BLE detection.

Job fields

Users can now add multiple project owner description fields and a separate customer job number if different than the producer.

Schedule PDF

The foreman user's name and phone are now included on the schedule.

April 2021

Plant Schedule

Plant operators can now see upcoming jobs, including from outsides sales contractors.

Improved traffic routing

SOP updated its traffic routing to provide even more accurate truck routing.

Target Hours and TPH

SOP's scheduling now includes target hours for the shift and calculated TPH. Check the activity report to compare load, unload, and target TPH at the end of the shift.

Activity Report

SOP's new shift activity report includes an overview of user activity, TPH, and performance for the day.

New Support Form

SOP's new in-app support form makes it easier to report issues, ask questions, and submit feedback.

Plant Tickets

Plant operators can now access load lists and tickets to add QC, notes, and pictures.

Delivering Trucks List

SOP redesigned the delivering list for mobile devices so it's easier to see ETA times on smaller screens.

February 2021

Connected Accounts

Contractors no longer need to manage each and every user that needs access to a job’s electronic tickets. Additional contractors, inspection firms, and project owners can be invited to create their own SOP account, allowing them to manage their own individual users.

Job Access

Customers have better control over who has access to jobs and electronic tickets. Producers and contractors can assign outside sales contractors, subcontractors, inspection firms, and project owners to one or more jobs to allow access to tickets.

Multiple Contractors

Invite additional subcontractors and outside sales customers to provide access to electronic tickets. Use a customer code to automatically assign new jobs and tickets or assign a contractor to individual jobs.