About Us

Connecting the Disconnected

Founded in 2015, SOP was built by industry experts with over 40 years experience. We aim to provide simple, smart, and effective tools that improve the asphalt industry’s processes. From efficient department communication, to real-time information availability, SOP works for you. 

A Message From Our Founder

“Best production decisions require communicating information when it’s needed. Dependable & Automatic, SOP powers consistent best decisions, resulting in profitable companies and rewarding careers.”

Mark Minich

SOP's Mission & Vision

SOP’s mission is to pioneer cutting-edge tools that provide real time information, simplify communication and logistics, and optimize productivity decisions, all while boosting our client’s profitability and growth.

SOP’s vision is to become the world’s most trusted industrial software

Our Values


Always available with essential information to produce superior work.


Effortless tools designed and built by industry experts to make your life easier.


Proactive thought processes that deliver innovative and responsive solutions.


Continually developing the best applications to strengthen evolving industries.

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